MRI Results That Shocked My Life Forever!

Hi my name is Alvin Phang from Singapore, the guy circle in yellow above is me and my beautiful wife Kelly when we got married in 2010. Just like most people at that time, God was not the most important thing in my life. Even though I accepted Jesus into …

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Purpose in Life

many years ago, when I was an atheist i enjoy mocking God and believe no one but only myself as i believe in a lie that i can set my own paths and desires in life.. based on a belief of doctrines of self believe that more money = good …

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Is God Just About Love?

Is God just about Love? Did you know that God is also righteous and Holy? Jesus is calling all to repent today even Christians, let’s looking into today’s teaching on knowing the core basic of Christianity, you are going to love it. Let now read in the books of Hebrews …

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