Conversation with God Day 6 – part 1

Addictions are like habits of your own. You don’t know how and when to stop until you decide to have full control with self control.

Many will think they have that control, but yet they do not take the sin seriously enough to put my son Jesus first to control themselves and that is how many fall to sin.

The number of days are near and many grow cold because of desires of many who grow cold in understand the fullness of my kingdom plan.

The days ahead are narrow for those that do not seek my truth and know that the will of God can provide comfort and purpose to those who seek and understand my plans.

My ways are not your ways but know the plans ahead of you are only good if you choose to listen and obey.

Obey my child every word that speaks from me.

Do not condemn yourself with sin, for I do not condemn you like the world do but I love you with an everlasting love. To remind you of my love, I will appear and show you the depth of my love through the path that I have set apart for you.