Conversation With God – Day 4 – Part 1

This day will grow cold and weary for as you share the good news of my son Jesus Christ. Many disagree with His teachings and promises around the world.

But know that my truth is real and honest and sincere no one can dispute it. Even if they think they get it, they see it from their own set of bias lenses to not see the truth that is revealed so simply right in the wrong them and deny the fact that Jesus is God.

Pray for them and see that my spirit will be onto them for I too love those who yet not to know me or persecute me.

Continue the good fight in you to show love and compassion to everyone including those that hate you or disagree with what you believe so strongly in.

My presence is always with you all the time, guiding you and protecting you from harm and evil and knowing that no one can touch my servant as I have showered them with love and peace to do the work of my will in heaven.

To those reading this, I got this to say to you.

How long do you want to stay lukewarm? Standing on the sidelines and not thinking about doing anything for the kingdom of God?

Am I just the giver only and not expecting anything from my servant to serve the Father? 

Am I just the provider and not expecting you to provide for the needs of others?

Am I just the God to bless you only and not expecting you to bless others as like how I have blessed you?

Remember, you claim you love me so show it by the fruits of your labor today so that I will be pleased with your service and worship today. And you do it not because I said say but because you love me as you claim with ever-lasting love in your worship and praise.