Conversation With God – Day 1 – Part 3

Read James 3:1-13 

For what you say or teach you are responsible to those to that you reach out. Know that judgment will come upon those that listen to your sharing through your tongue. There will always be people who will reject my son but know that I never did for any of them.

My door and arms are always open to everyone who want to know me or seek me. Your role is to show the goodness of my son Jesus to shine a bright testimony to those that do not know me yet. 

The day will come, all will be surprised by the slander they are in that they do not see as a problem but they drown themselves in evil desires and deeds which they will not save unless they repent of their deeds. 

This is the judgment I have for them, that only those who are humble will know what wrong they have done and they will be forgiven much. However, those who are stone-cold and do not listen to my words and commands will be judged in the end.

The truth will be revealed on judgment day.