Conversation With God – Day 2 – Part 1

My ways are not your ways says the Lord. For many will fall because of my unfailing love that surpasses all understanding of the world. What the world teaches is not what I teach or show.

From what the world shows I do not sure what you desire and want in your life.

My children do not listen to my commands because they grew cold and selfish in their thinking of their own desires but never in the minds of my son Jesus Christ.

So go tell my children this is expected of them daily

1. Be faithful to small things
2. Be Obedient to the laws of my words
3. Seek my face daily as you have
4. Come to me for all decisions and sorrows

And when you do all this daily I will give you that rest and peace

Do not for a moment think you worship me for material or things in this world. Does it glorify my name or the kingdom?

Think how far you got astray from me all these years. Misleading yourself to think you know me but in fact, you worship your own version of your own god without realizing that is not Me.

World leaders and pastors have gone proud. Some grow too attached to their achievements but lack humility in understanding the will of my father.

My father desires all to know Him and in this world, there will always be someone that needs love and comfort just like how it was till the end of time.

Alvin go into the world and preach the good news and do not be disheartened when you have been persecuted or blocked from doing my will but I will open the way and lead you to the right path where I want things to be done.

(Me) yes Lord thank you for that comfort.

Lastly, see to it every day is like your last, and know that the kingdom of heaven rejoices with you as every soul gets saved through your life.