Conversation With God – Day 1 – Part 2

Many times you pray for me to change, but it’s not the situation or problem that needs to change it is your attitudes in your life that need to change. Listen to this song as this is a reminder to you that you need to change your attitudes towards my son Jesus today.

In life, you desire for things and know that many things are unclear because you did not focus on what the Father wants. Look at my son Jesus who is faithful not only in big things but also in the little things that no one knows, model and follow my son who is righteous and holy in my eyes.

(ME) Yes Lord. I am listening

People argue with one another about everything, I receive millions of requests of conflicts to be solved but they will never be solved until they decide to pause and admit the issue is now the other party but the issue is within their soul, mind, and character that they do not realize their own fault until they are open to realizing it is there.

My followers lack this in their prayer and that is the prayer of boldness. Millions are so busy praying for what they want which I do know them by their hearts. They do not get it because they pray with evil intent and desire for selfish ambition which I have already foretold many this is a sin that I do not endorse. 

Those who are sincerely in their hearts will know what is holy and right in my eyes and that is not looking at their needs only but at the needs of the kingdom of heaven. 

The needs of many are in the millions today and yet many people turn a blind eye against those in need. Do not think for a moment, your life cannot be used by me to encourage a love for others for there are many things you can do if you are willing to be used by me (God).

So take this period of time to reflect what you can do for me (God) today.