Conversation With God – Day 3 – Part 2

The coming of the Lord is near and many focus on doing the wrong things in life. How many of my believers actually believes the great commission? How many actually spend time to pray and seek my son Jesus. To understand the will of God, you must have the ability to let and trust fully everything you have to God.

To trust is to be able to surrender and take that step of faith in servanthood to serve the kingdom of God and body of Christ. It is not about doing what pleases you but do something that pleases me (God).

The passion of God is nothing new or usually that one must be holy to seek my face or hear me. Many do not hear me because they choose not to and they focus on what their hearts deceived them to think it is from me (God) when it is not.

The enemy satan goes around to lie and deceived many millions of people today but know that even he (satan) is under my authority and command. Everything that he does has to go through me (God) to be approved because it can done. Every spirit out there regardless how powerful one might think has to submit to my authority and holiness for I am (God) the creator of all things.

About doing things for the ministry, do not get caught up in doing small matter stuff but consider the direction and path of many who seek to grow the kingdom of God. Know that your efforts are not in vain and know that every step you take I am with you always encouraging you to press on and wait for the right time for the path to be open to you.

Many false teachers and christians will claim they know the way but they do not know it because they do not seek the father first for guidance. They only think they know because of their selfish ambition to grow in their status and well-being and thinking that they are doing all this for the church but in reality is doing it for their prideful self.

For those that judge, my righteous servants who stand firm and preach and teach the word of God. I have this against you and to tell you where is the love that I have shown you since the beginning of your walk with me. Have you not consider instead of judging them, why don’t you encourage them and show the love I have given to you.

Spend this time reflect and who you need to love today.