Conversation With God – Day 3 – Part 1

Know that the last days are near and the coming of my son is Jesus is coming soon. Many will grow cold and weary and not thinking of the end times but thinking only the present and future of where they are now.

Because they do not take it seriously, they do not go to church, they do not read the bible, they do not pray and are not interested in the things of God.

I hear the crys of millions of prayers everyday asking of things are not from me and of their personal evil desires that will cause more sin. How can I Alvin allow such behaviours and sinful act for I have given time countless warning but they ignore all of them.

They think of love only as material blessings but never factor in the best blessing is the salvation of their soul which is eternity. You need to seek eternity and kingdom work and not just for the pleasures of this world. You will only live here only a while. Where would you want to invest your time for? For where you are now or for eternity where you will be with me in heaven.

Warn those who are lukewarm, not to hold on to their false assumptions of who I am and warn them of my soon coming. For I will judge those who are not pleasing and following my commands and I do this out of love for I am holy and they must be holy.

The things of this world has blinded many people into believing blessings, wealth, careers and education is from me. But they lack wisdom to understand the full picture of my plans in the. kingdom for them. For where they put their priorities in life, you will know if they bear good fruit for me or bad fruit where I will cut them off into the lake of fire.

Warn my people, that judgement will come on those who ignore this warning and know that what they lack is not faith but they lack in the fear of God in their life today.