Be Humble Just Like James

Since I started my business when I was 22 years old, I would say the one thing I am most proud of is that I was about to establish a stable online business and career when I was young. I went through many many trials and thank God today it is established a brand and name right now for my blog @ and taught to over 20,000+ students in 133 countries.

The idea from the book of James on being doers of the word from James 1:22-24 relates to me as a useful reminder that even as I read and study the Bible so much I should always be working towards being Holy as God commanded and do what I read in the Bible just simply ignore them or being lazy at taking action at them.

One idea that I sometimes have struggled with is faith with God. For James, it was about works and faith and honestly I sometimes I feel I have the lack of faith for my business. Strangely when it comes to praying for people I have strong faith and believe in miracles but when it comes to my business someone I do not have that strong faith compared to miracles 😛

The idea of success did not come upon me very clear when I was a new believer in Christ until much later after a few years studying and reading the Bible I start to realise success is more toward being contented with what I have in my business than focus on getting more and more but it seems never enough.

I’m the type that is not very good with languages but more a practical person.. despite my weakness in grammar and english but i be honest it’s my laziness temptations to go shortcut to commentaries and not word study..

With God, We Lack Nothing

In James chapter 1, I always thought that the “not lacking anything” was referring more today’s wealth as it seems to be talking to the rich people.. but because of the value of word study it has reminded and enforce myself to take up the time and effort to work study on works will help equip me to understand it’s more towards not lacking in being holy with God..

I believe everyone has their fair share of “wave of the sea” season with Christ.. and I can say in this busy Singapore.. sometimes I do doubt God but with this study of James it has encouraged me further that He can provide that wisdom to help each of us growth in maturity in Christ and also importantly reminded me to thankful and stay humble

Blessing To Help Others

There was a passage on loving your neighbour I thank God it encourages me more to want to help the poor sometimes. I felt James is a very direct no b.s person.. hopefully, one day I also got the courage of James as well.

Helping others has always been my passion in serving God and it’s a good reminder why I should help others.

Being Rich is Good or Bad?

Before the learning more in depth about James I always had this feeling being rich was bad but I knew there is nothing wrong with being rich it was always the greed of being rich that was the problem.

In the book of James, there were issues of the rich exploiting the poor and it kind of sad somewhere believers on both side and they were quarrelling with one another. They felt there was unfairness amount them the experience and how they were treated during that time.

After about 6 years being a Christian, I find the key thing about being rich is we must always remember to give back to the poor as often as we can. Some people think only the rich can help the poor but in fact what I find most times it’s the poor and medium class in this century 2017 that helps the poor more than the rich and well to do.

I only can pray more people will find time to help others and not be proud and greedy as I was many years ago. Living a life to please God might not be on everyone’s mind even for Christian all the time. But if we truly say we love God as much as we sing and praise God it’s only our conviction that drives us to where to do for God’s will.