How To Share Jesus In The Marketplace Effectively

If you have yet to read my previous article on why you need to witness you might want to read that first before knowing how to share Jesus effectively in the marketplace at this link here.

A little background where I am from, my name is Alvin Phang and been doing online marketing for almost 11 years coaching and teaching to thousands of students in 133 countries on how to use the internet to generate sales and leads.

It has been my honour to be able to serve God in the marketplace, and my purpose for writing this article is to give you strategies, tactics & ideas on how we can witness for Christ without being seen as too offensive to non-believers.

Due to popular culture and practices, many still share the Good News using the four spiritual law of Christ online and offline to others. While it is effective in what it does in explaining what the gospel is about, it should only be used as a visual aid to explain about Jesus ONLY to people who are keen to know more about Christ. The reason why I say this because people do not like to be sold on ideas and believe that they cannot relate to 🙂

Problems With This Approach

The used of such visual aids are useful, however, if someone whom you have not met who might have totally different beliefs from you will never buy into the idea of listening to what you have to share because they are not able to relate to what you share.

They will only be keen to listen to you if they are keen to know more or can relate to topics you are talking about. That is why you often see people will always reject you if you go by this approach 🙂

Another Misconception To Convert Them First As The Goal

Ideally, as Christians, we do want everyone that we share about the Good News to believe in Jesus Christ as they will be saved as mention below:

If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. – Romans 10:9 (NIV)

So, therefore, most evangelism training would encourage you, therefore, to encourage people to convert as the priority before you can pray for them for a miracle which is not wrong because that is the desire of our faith to see others get saved as well.

The issue with this mind of thought sometimes we can be so overwhelming and concern on converting someone that we miss the mark of what was the original intent that Jesus wanted us to do at the first place.

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” – Acts 1:8 (NIV)

The key word above is “you will be my witnesses”. Was it your job to convict others to believe in Christ?  To witness is to share the goodness of the gospel to others but the conversion part should always be left for the Lord and Holy Spirit to convict them to know more.

Your main role as part of witnessing effectively should always be about how I can plant spiritual seeds to others by witnessing the goodness of how God has helped in our life to encourage them.

I know this from experience when I was a young evangelist I often ask myself why when I share to so many people about Jesus, no one seems to want to believe in Christ. I was so concerned about the conversion part that I missed out the original intent of what it meant by witnessing for the Lord and got discouraged.

Be Encourage Today Here’s A Better Way To Do It

After many years of sharing the word of God to others, I like to share with you methods that worked very well in my marketplace ministry that is not only not offense to others but more people will want to listen to what you want to share which worked really well in witnessing for God that every Christian can do regardless how committed you are with Christ because it’s very easy to do.

1. Witness Through Your Testimonial Life

One of the most powerful tools that you can share about Jesus with others is to share a testimonial about how Jesus has impacted your life and how you benefited from it. Topics you can share with others are

  • Your personal healing experience or miracles
  • Share a breakthrough in your business or career through prayer
  • How Christ helped in solved tough issues in your life

Here’s a sample of what I did in 2012 where I share my testimonial to friends online 🙂

2. Witness Through The Guidance of The Holy Spirit

The beautiful part of being a Christian we are given a very powerful gift call the Holy Spirit which can be easily accessed to daily through prayer for help in witnessing to others.

For this to work, all you need to do is pray for the Holy Spirit to guide you who or what to say as you witness to others.

Many times what you will experience is the Holy Spirit will reveal special revelation on the following details:

  • The direction or person to witness to
  • The location or place to go to find this person
  • The problem and need of the person you need to witness
  • Gives you wisdom on what words to say to witness to others

So how do you know if it really from the Holy Spirit? I will give you an example let says after I prayed and I felt the Holy Spirit told me this person has a problem with “greed” & he goes on to give details this person name or gives you the colour of what he or she is wearing.

So for example, you might felt led it has to be a topic on greed and the person is a male wearing black.

So as you go out there to reach out to others, you be amazed you will find that exact person who is wearing black and you can witness to them and ask them do you have some issues in “greed”. IF the person reaction is “YES” than that is the person the Holy Spirit wants you to witness to. However, if it’s not than move on to search and find where this person is by asking the Holy Spirit for direction. I know it might sound silly as first but trust me the Holy Spirit is real and once you put your faith in the Holy Spirit you be amazed how real and powerful He is 🙂

IF the person reaction is “YES” than that is the person the Holy Spirit wants you to witness to. However, if it’s not than move on to search and find where this person is by asking the Holy Spirit for direction.

I know it might sound silly as first but trust me the Holy Spirit is real and once you put your faith in the Holy Spirit you be amazed how real and powerful He is 🙂

3. Witness Through Sharing On Facebook

By far, the easiest way to share about Jesus is not only through your life but by sharing the word with gospel messages from Bible apps on your Facebook 🙂 You will never know what you post online will impact others even thought they might not understand but the words of the scripture has the power to impact others 🙂

It super simple to do, just copy and paste scriptures from your Bible apps and share them daily. If you follow me @  you can see a real example how I do just that in the marketplace 🙂

Summary It’s All About Witnessing With No Strings Attached

The key thing I like to say when it comes to sharing Jesus with others there should never be any strings attached to the gospel as we share freely with others. After all it’s everyone free will if they choose to believe or not, we cannot force anyone to believe.

In many cases, when I pray for people I never once ask people if they like to believe in Jesus first before I pray for them.

I would always approach in an open matter and ask if I can pray for the issues they have in their life that the Holy Spirit has placed in my heart. I will only pray for others if I have the permission to do so and asked was there any differents after I prayed.

There will be cases where they might also want to know more about Jesus after they experience God’s love into their life 🙂

Love is a powerful language that can only be shown through actions and you be amazed by our simple act of kindness and love of praying for others it can impact people’s life and planting spiritual seeds to others 🙂

Even if they did not believe it’s fine for me as long they now know that there is a saviour called Jesus who Loved me that has shown me comfort for my needs.

There will also be cases where some might also ask more about who Jesus is. So, I normally only will share more about who Jesus is about only IF they want to know more. You will be amazed many times even without accepting the Lord into their life, for as long as they believe in wanting a miracle in Jesus name, He can still work His miracles too for the God loves everyone.

So rather than the usual, convert and believe in Christ first then I can pray. I proposed a no string attached gospel sharing by praying first to impact others then ask for invitation if there is an opportunity that way people will feel there is no resistance to believing 🙂

I hope this article will give you some solid foundation on how to witness better as a Christian. If you have found this article useful do share it with your Christians friends on Facebook 🙂 God Bless You.