Investing Treasures in Heaven

I recently started to learn new skills again. I was learning how to trade options and my main goal was to make some passive income to grow my missions fund and I was not aiming million dollars or anything which is not really important to me now as I value saving souls more than $$$. Why?

Because I strongly believe if I say I want to serve God, it will be very hypocritical of me to think I want to learn options to make money for myself first then think about serving God. I hear so often from Christians, I want to make money first then I later when I think I got enough then I serve God or do some good works? But ask yourself the past 1 year or 10 years have you started even? no right!

Making money for yourself has nothing to do with serving God for your information ( you don’t see Jesus do that do you? haha )

Many Christians I know including myself would say, “oh let me pray and learn to make money for myself first and pray to God for help then once got the money then I serve God”. But really?

Have you even bothered to have a goal in mind or something that God has placed in your heart to do for His kingdom and not your bank account?

This is my personal strong conviction, might be a little hard for many, some say maybe too racial even.

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” – Mathew 6:33

You see the reason why I choose to quit my IM business or goal to make a lot of money is that Jesus did not say seek how to make money FIRST, instead, He said seek FIRST His Kingdom.

This is my personal belief, that focusing only on making money is not part of His Kingdom? Why? What has your income or money got to do with sharing Jesus? or showing love to others? or seeking a relationship with God? Will your money be used to save souls or spread the gospel?

If it does then yes I would say that is kingdom related. But most times people just want that money to enjoy for themselves and are not bothered about giving or helping others.

So when I was listening to the options class I was really really careful to guard my greed for money and constantly tell myself I am here to serve God not myself and kept reminding myself how to grow a mission fund because that was my real intent and why I wanted to learn options or investing.

While there is nothing wrong to work to earn money on your own and having a goal to do that. But I personally feel that is not what seeking kingdom first means!

As I was listening to the teachings and saw all the comments and it reminded me of who I was in the past about putting all my focus on purse into money.

What amazed me was there were teachers and students with 6 to 7 figures already in their trading accounts and I was thinking if I were in their shoes I would have already slowed down and started planning or using those funds to fund mission works or churches or pastors.

My game plan was I believe strongly in investing in the kingdom of God than in myself. Investing in the kingdom means, spending time and money to share Jesus, pray for people, help people, disciple people about Jesus, donate to missions or churches, and spend time asking God what to do with the funds you have.

You might even think by now isn’t this a little too racial of you to think this way? well is it really? let’s see what the bible says

Jesus answered, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.” When the young man heard this, he went away sad, because he had great wealth. – Mathew 19

Working with Jesus for a few years, I learn one very valuable lesson about Jesus. When we think of investing, we usually thinking what will be my ROI (return of investment).

But you see Jesus’s ROI has nothing to do with money or wealth. I believe the ROI for kingdom work is the saving of SOULS! Amen?

In fact, if it was He would not have told the rich person to sell all his possessions and give to the poor. By the way I am not saying or telling you to sell everything.

The key point here is, that Jesus was actually trying to teach the rich man to not put all his priorities on his wealth and riches. You see when you do that, you will not have the interest to serve God because you allow money to control your decision in life than God.

God will never tell you to focus on making money, if you think that is God you believe in a lie from satan. Because you see God will never tempt you to be greedy with money in life. You might not admit you are greedy now I totally get it. I was in denial for years that I was greedy until one day God had to strike me with almost losing my father then I realize money is not everything in life.

Why investing in the Kingdom with great treasures in heaven is more important?

Serving Jesus for these few years, I can personally witness and testify there were so many cases where even if you had $1 million or even $1 billion is useless when someone is sick, dying, cancer, depression, loss of loved ones, divorce, accident.

No money you have will solve those problems in life which you will experience later in life. And I personally witnessed when I pray for people how God heals people from cancer, impossible situations, depression, and more! I was like WOW Jesus I want to see more of this. I want to help more people and show love to more people.

Maybe you are reading this, isn’t this a waste of time? I want more money to enjoy! If you think like this that’s call GREED myself 😛 haha

In case, you do not know how God works, when you seek to do his work first and pray for people and love people FIRST. Do not surprise how God will provide you with ways to enjoy the riches of this world as He will provide whatever you need even your desires WITHOUT you even asking! Why because God wants you to enjoy what He planned and creates for you too not just only work and work for Him.

Most ministers the real ones I mean are really rich in Christ! They do not have a lot in their bank but it is amazing when you watch and see their life how the Lord provides their means to pay for their house, family, and kids. Some even had sponsored cars to do the gospel work and even once in a while have travel trips too 🙂

Note I am not saying if you serve God, you will get a plane or get to buy big house or a big fat salary. That is called prosperity gospel and GREED my friend and I am very against that belief! It’s wrong!

Greed is a sin by the way in case you do not know and it’s very sad there are people who abuse the gospel for their personal gains.

So I pray as you read this, you be encouraged today, to seek His kingdom first. It will be the best investment you will ever have 🙂