To Live A Happy Life First Have To Learn How To _______

It was in Dec 2012, at that time I knew deep inside something was missing in my life. Something deep in my heart know that there is more to life than just making money and working every day.

God said these words ” ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ ” – ACTS 20:35B

These words had a HUGE impact of my life and I was wondering why is it so blessed to give than to receive?

Little did I know, I was living all my life a very greedy person only knowing how to receive but not give.

It was because of wanting to search for answers to this question “why giving is more blessed than receiving?” that I decided to spend my own money and time to fly for a mission trip to Philippines to help the poor..

Some how, God has already planted a desire for me for the Philippines people from the 1st time I was there helping donating rice, God has opened up my eyes and heart to see there is more JOY in helping those in need than always helping myself.

Many people may think they are not greedy including Christians too… but the honest fact is everyday of our LIFE we spend most of our time in desiring more cash is the fact we believe in this lie that having more cash equals to a happier life BUT it’s not TRUTH. There are many people who has lots of money too live very sad life!

So when I set to know what it means to be give, I told the pastor I only want to help people who are REALLY poor and in need of help. Basically, the poorest of the poor.

So I planned a trip with my church in Philippines to do just that, little did I knew when I was there helping to give rice to the poor. I learn a lot from them.

1. They were very contented and happy with their LIFE
2. They helped each others more than those who have more
3. They are really joyful and happy even thought you can see they do not have much.
4. They really know what it means to LOVE each other

I felt so disgusted with myself, as someone who has everything in life is never close to being happy as those who have little

There is something about doing and seeing things that changes people’s attitudes and mind. Looking back why God planted that trip in my heart was because He wanted to mold my attitude towards life and money.

You see friends, why I want to encourage you to go for a mission trip is because mission trips helps to open and mold people’s characters. Actually most times, these short trips benefits yourself more than the person you are helping.

I have been to many countries , pray and help many people until I lost count. But every soul that I remember helping was not because I want to be great but because Jesus loved me first and He taught me “Loving other first will enable you to truly live a happy life”

So be encourage today, take that bold step, go sign up for a mission trip.. I am sure God will transform you through them