MRI Results That Shocked My Life Forever!

Hi my name is Alvin Phang from Singapore, the guy circle in yellow above is me and my beautiful wife Kelly when we got married in 2010.

Just like most people at that time, God was not the most important thing in my life. Even though I accepted Jesus into my life way back in 2006 at a local Chinese church while I was still working for someone. I very much did not really care about knowing God or even bother to know what He can do for me.

I attended many success conferences and read many “success” book on being successful in life and that got me started in starting my own online business blog. During the rise of blogging at that time, many people had great interest to learning how to blog and I was doing so well that I conducted seminars to show people how to make 4 to 6 figures selling things online.

Life was good, I was married to a great wife, had a nice simple car, had many travel holidays almost every month 🙂 I thought to myself I think I had made it in life to be “successful”.

Honestly, at that point I really felt I was like God and did not need God even though I knew a little about who He was.



I remember this incident as if it was just yesterday, I was at Tan Tock Seng hospital receiving this report that my Father in Law has Stage 4 Nose Cancer and had little time to live.

My first reaction was I felt totally helpless with no solution or way to my help my father in law which both of our families loved him a lot.

It was at that very moment, I suddenly remember “Jesus Heals People.” So we started to look for a church to attend to pray for my father in law. We ended up at Elim Church as one of our relatives was a regular member at the church.

I presented this same image you see above to the pastor and I asked him, “Do you think Jesus can help?” His response was, “If you believe, Jesus can do it.”

Unknowingly, during these few months of stressful times for my father-in-law going for treatment and all. Jesus was there in every treatment my father in law went through. Every treatment, he had at the hospital amazingly He felt no pain and there was no side effects of hair falling and could eat normal.

I remember there one many incidents, my father-in-law even told me as he goes through the treatment there were like angels of lights with him and he felt no pain.

6 months later, after going to the church for classes and regularly praying for my father in law. We decided to make a decision to be water baptized in Jesus Christ. Here’s a video clip of our testimony for Jesus Christ for our entire family

About 2 weeks later, my father-in-law who had to go back for review went to see the doctor for his review on his nose cancer. I remember the moment we enter his room, He was very nervous looking and it seems like there was bad news for us. Than he open up the computer and showed us this.


What you seeing above, is a scan of my father in law that you see there is no longer any 4cm cancer on Him! Jesus healed him completely and He was cancer FREE! Praise Jesus! Even the doctor could not believe it as normally in such cases it should not be completely gone but remain some of it.

During this moment of time, I was rejoicing with my family. I was really very thankful what God has done for my family and saved my father-in-law. But it did not stop there.

During next Sunday, I went to church and prayed this prayer. “Lord I thank you for saving my father-in-law, I like to be a pastor and serve you. Please show me the way.”


My wife was actually attending a free concert by AGBC ( now known as ACTS College Bible School ) in my church. After my wife came back from the chinese concert, she passed me an envelope. I open it up and it say there I won a free module to this Bible school called AGBC.

I felt at that moment, there is no way God answers that fast! I felt it was an answer from God so I went to sign up for a program at the Bible School and start getting trained at the Bible School.


As I learn more about the Bible and interact with more people around the church and bible school. I volunteered every year in the school’s mission trip to expose myself to what ministry was about and my goal was to let others now more about Jesus.

I had this desire wanting to help people. So I took the bold step to approach my senior pastor and ask if I can volunteer to run a campaign to give rice to the poor people in Philippines and also share the gospel 🙂

I was surprised, it was approved and there I was planning and bringing people for mission trip. Here’s a short video of what we did there 🙂


So as you can see in my situation, it looked very challenging at the beginning. But praise God that even during these difficult times, God can still used it to make a way for others to come back to Him.

I hope this testimony will encourage you to serve Him. If you benefit from reading, please remember to share this article with your Christian friends! God Bless 🙂