Is Praying for Work Biblical?

We do it all the time in Church. Pastors pray them, I pray them and so do millions of Christians all around the world who pray to Jesus for their Work and Business.

But is it even biblical or right to always pray for our work and business all the time?

It’s without a doubt God wants us to work and there are tons of bibles verses about work and business

First off, there is nothing wrong to pray to working hard in your work and business. In fact, in Colossians, Slaves were asked to obey their earthly masters (boss) in everything; and do it, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters ( Colossians 3: 22-25 )

Depends on who you speak to and which church and culture you are from. Some Christians will go to the extreme and believe that they can pick verses like

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” – Philippians 4:13.

And use this verse to declare that they can do all great things in their business and work just because Jesus gives them strength.

However, if you read deeper into the context in the book of Philippians, the “all things” mentioned in these verses are about the things that Paul had to endure in suffering, being content for serving Jesus. It had nothing to do with your FAT paycheque or business.

Did Jesus Work?

As Christians, we are called to model our life on what Jesus does. Therefore, it is also important to understand the actions Jesus and the disciples did during their time on this earth.

Jesus was a carpenter as there was a reference to Jesus being the carpenter in Mark 6:3 and Mathew 13:54-55.

But if you read through the entire life of Jesus during his ministry, have you encounter ever once Jesus prayed to God for blessings for work or business?

You do not find any!

But strangely, we seem to think it’s ok to pray that all the time when in fact in the Bible never once did Jesus pray as how we pray today. Can you imagine for a moment Jesus himself praying like this

“Father in heaven, I am so trouble today. I need more money and work. Please help me find work and bless my business. In Jesus’ name. Amen” – Can you even imagine Jesus praying like this? No right? Then why are so many Christians praying something similar like this?

Do you even notice in the prayer above, that there is an element of sin there is a desire to have more money that’s called GREED my friend? What does having more money got to do with glorifying God or increasing the kingdom of God? NOTHING AT ALL!

Why We Do Not See Jesus Pray for His Work or Business?

The answer can be found in Luke 2:29b which says this:

“Didn’t you know I had to be in my Father’s house?”

Jesus already knew who he was working for and His focus was always on serving God our father in heaven. Unlike millions of Christian, today constantly thinking about blessings, paycheques, and family problems.

His focus has always been and should be able to serve God. However interesting in modern Christianity today, is that we are far more concerned with serving ourselves than God.

Who Are You Serving?

Action speaks louder than words, since the first time I got to know Jesus I have been taught and trained that it is ok to pray blessings for work, career, and business. It become so common that we presume it is biblical even to do such an action and it’s ok to do it all the time.

The issue in praying for work and business is this, when you pray like this “Father in heaven, please help me in my work and business, I need your help today to glorify your name. In Jesus’ name. amen”

Seems biblical and harmless right? But let me ask you, this prayer WHO DOES IT SERVE? GOD? I don’t think so. It’s MORE YOU if you are being honest about it.

How does the help you requested in your work or business got to do with glorifying God?

If let’s say you get the blessing of more riches and money. What kind of image are you trying to show others about our Lord Jesus?

Is Jesus all about giving fortune, grace, or blessings only? Are you sure you want to promote Jesus as a fortune, God? You might deny what I am saying but reflect again on what I just said and you know what I say is true.

Most Christians’ end goal is they want more money, grace, or blessings from God and NEVER EVER consider what God wants. That’s called greed my friend 🙂

When was the last time, you even wanted to ask God to use your life to serve Him?

You might disagree but let me challenge you and ask you this. What if you pray and ask God for a blessing but instead of receiving a blessing you got into more trouble or even worst got kicked out from your company?

How would you respond then if you did not get what you wanted? Would you blame God? Sadly those who are not mature in God will blame God and because of that LEAVE church!

Jesus Said This

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” – Mathew 6:33

Jesus did not say seek first your bank account or career or ambition or family problem first then all these things (blessings) will be given to you. Strangely our actions behave like this most of the time and we tend to accept it unfortunately as biblical truths

And by the way, “these things” were not MONEY things. Jesus was referring to the worries of your life, what you will eat or drink, and the clothes you wear. Please go read Mathew 6:25-34.

So How Should You Pray?

It should be clear by now, that you should realize that being a Christian is about serving God and doing things that increase the kingdom the God and not your bank account.

This is how I pray for work and business today

“Father in heaven, I thank you for the work you have given to me. Lord I surrender my work to you, Lord please direct and show me in my work how it can be used to witness or glorify you Lord. Give me boldness as I witness and show love at my work. In Jesus’ name, I pray amen”

Do you notice the entire prayer above is focused on serving God and not my needs?  

You must understand the kingdom of God is all about “Loving Others”. That is why you never once see Jesus or the disciples pray for their desires and needs because their focus is on serving God and not their personal needs.

And you know what’s interesting is, that God already knows you need money. Even if you did not ask, God will still give you even if you did not ask for it. Why? Because that is how much God loves you! So learn to seek God first and not your desires and needs.

Pray God Can Use Your Work or Business

To truly be a servant of God, you want to be used by God in your business or work to show love to others. Here’s are some ideas for you to pray about

  • Pray to God for open doors to start a ministry at your work or business
  • Be actively involved in trying to show love in your workplace by offering to pray for them or show concern and love to your colleagues.
  • Start an ALPHA program in your workplace
  • Start a cell in your workplace to come together to pray for each other and study the bible
  • Volunteer with the talents you have at your work to be used in your local church

These are just some of the ideas that you can pray about to do, if you are unsure what you can do for Jesus today please do approach your local pastor to come together to pray and see how God will lead you today.

I pray you are blessed by this sharing and I hope from today onwards you would pray very differently.

Instead of focusing on what you want from God, learn to focus and pray on how you can serve God instead of yourself today.