Our character to discuss today is Noah. Noah and his family were chosen by God to live while God sent a flood to the earth to wipe out the rest of mankind due to their wickedness. God told Noah to build an ark and to carry two of each kind of animal on the ark. Eventually, God flooded the earth and everything died but what was in the ark. In a way, Noah was kind of the new Adam. However, he seems very opposite of the Adam we talked about yesterday. Noah was completely obedient. Can you imagine what it must have been like for him? People probably thought he was crazy. He was a farmer but God told him to build a crazy and specific (yet awesome) boat. But Noah trusted God and loved him above all else. Although Noah wasn’t perfect, he still sets a great example. He put God above everything, above the opinion of others, above all of his life as he knew it. And he was greatly rewarded. Noah became the hope for humanity after the flood. You can be the hope for humanity today as you live your life to please God and share the hope of Jesus Christ with the world. #dbvlent2016

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