??? Lent is a religious observance by many Christian denominations that occurs about six weeks before Easter, starting on Ash Wednesday (February 10), and is considered a “fasting time.” Some people give things up but others try to bring things in. In previous years we challenged you to bring something in by praying/talking with God and listening for His voice. This year, we want to provide concrete examples for how you can live your life to please God through popular stories of people in the Bible. Up until Easter, we will post a daily devotion about a certain person from the Bible. This devotion will include a brief background of the biblical character, the good or bad example they set, and how YOU can benefit/learn from the stories of these people. This time leading up to Easter is supposed to prepare us to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ our savior so we would just like to help you do that. We’ll start this Wednesday. Let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions of biblical people! #dbvlent2016

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